The Role of Your Real Estate Agent in Buying Manhattan Townhouses

The role of your real estate agent in buying a townhouse in New York City - The Sussilleaux Team


Purchasing a townhouse in Manhattan is no small feat. With sky-high prices and fierce competition, the importance of a real estate agent in Manhattan townhouse purchases cannot be overstated. This article will guide you through the crucial role your real estate agent plays in helping you find, negotiate, and secure your dream townhouse in this highly competitive market.

I am a licensed associate real estate broker in the state of New York. Along with my wife Dina, also a broker, we are The Sussilleaux Team.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we have assisted our clients in buying, selling, renting, and investing in Manhattan townhouses. We, as brokers, provide essential services, and we have the expertise, experience, and track record of trustworthiness to be a valuable resource for you in your townhouse journey.

Finding the Perfect Manhattan Townhouse

Determining Your Needs and Priorities

Before embarking on your townhouse search, it’s essential to evaluate your budget and understand what you can afford. Your real estate agent will help you determine your financial limits and identify your preferred neighborhoods, as well as the amenities and features you desire in a townhouse.

Dina and I can assist you with this and recommend other experienced real estate professionals such as attorneys, mortgage brokers, and home inspectors to round out your team.

Access to Exclusive Listings

In Manhattan, some properties are bought and sold off-market or before they are publicly listed. Real estate agents have access to these exclusive listings through their extensive networks and relationships with other agents, giving you a competitive edge in finding your ideal townhouse.

Our community of townhouse brokers is small. It’s important to tap into the inner circle of experienced real estate brokers who specialize in townhouse transactions.

Navigating the Buying Process

Understanding the Market

Manhattan’s townhouse market is characterized by rapidly changing trends and price fluctuations. Your real estate agent’s expertise will help you understand the current inventory, demand, and optimal timing for your purchase. They will provide valuable insights into the market conditions and help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

Making an Offer

Once you’ve found your dream townhouse, your real estate agent will guide you in presenting a competitive offer. They will assist you in negotiating the best possible price and terms, as well as preparing the necessary documentation to move forward with the transaction.

PRO TIP: Unlike cookie cutter apartments in modern high rise buildings, every townhouse is unique. This makes it even more tricky to determine where to come in with your bid. We not only factor in comps, but research the building and owner to try and determine their hot buttons. This is a real-world example of the service we provide over and above the average real estate agent.

Due Diligence and Inspections

A crucial part of the buying process is performing due diligence and organizing property inspections. Your real estate agent will coordinate these tasks, review property documentation, and, along with your real estate attorney, ensure that your prospective townhouse meets all legal compliance requirements.

Case Study: Water in the basement

I recently represented a buyer interested in a specific townhouse. For the second showing, we brought a professional building engineer to perform an inspection. During the inspection, we noticed some water in the basement. The listing broker was flustered and didn’t know what to do.

Later, in private, the engineer revealed to the buyer that this was actually nothing to worry about. He explained the cause of the water, and outlined the simple remedy.

But the impact of the incident on the listing broker, and her seller, was significant. We were able to use this “flaw” as a bargaining chip, and my buyer successfully purchased the townhouse for over $100,000 less thah he was preapared to pay.

Financing Your Manhattan Townhouse

Pre-approval and Mortgage Options

Securing financing for a Manhattan townhouse can be a complex process. Your real estate agent will work closely with lenders to help you obtain pre-approval and explore various mortgage products that suit your financial situation.

Negotiating for the Best Terms

Your real estate agent will also play a crucial role in negotiating favorable loan terms. With their expertise and leverage in the industry, they can help you secure the best interest rates, loan terms, and minimize closing costs.

Closing the Deal

Preparing for Closing

As the closing day approaches, your real estate agent will coordinate with attorneys and lenders, address any contingencies, and schedule a final walkthrough to ensure everything is in order before the transaction is finalized.

Closing Day

On closing day, your real estate agent will guide you through the process of reviewing and signing all necessary documents, transferring funds, and ultimately receiving the keys to your new Manhattan townhouse.


The role of a real estate agent in buying Manhattan townhouses is multifaceted and indispensable.

From finding the perfect property to navigating the complex financial landscape, an experienced agent will ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Partnering with the right real estate agent will help you overcome the challenges of the Manhattan market and secure the townhouse of your dreams.

If you want to work with us, you can connect with us HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main role of a real estate agent in buying Manhattan townhouses?

The most important role that a qualified real estate agent fulfils is bringing years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to the entire process.  Your real estate agent will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.  This includes identifying suitable properties, negotiating offers, managing due diligence and inspections, assisting with financing, and facilitating the closing process.

How do real estate agents find exclusive listings for Manhattan townhouses?

The community of real estate agents with extensive townhouse experience is actually quite small.  They have access to exclusive listings through their networks, relationships with other agents, and industry connections. They may also learn about off-market and pre-market opportunities, giving you an advantage in finding your ideal townhouse.

What factors should I consider when choosing a real estate agent for buying a townhouse in Manhattan?

When selecting a real estate agent, consider their experience in the Manhattan market, knowledge of specific neighborhoods, communication skills, and track record of successfully closing transactions. It’s essential to choose an agent who is well-versed in the unique aspects of the Manhattan townhouse market and can effectively represent your interests.

How can a real estate agent help me navigate the financing process for a Manhattan townhouse?

A real estate agent can help you navigate the financing process by working closely with lenders to secure pre-approval and identify the best mortgage products for your financial situation. They can also leverage their industry connections and expertise to negotiate favorable loan terms, interest rates, and minimize closing costs.

What should I expect from my real estate agent during the closing process for a Manhattan townhouse?

During the closing process, your real estate agent will coordinate with attorneys, lenders, and other parties involved in the transaction. They will ensure that all contingencies are addressed, schedule a final walkthrough, and guide you through the process of reviewing and signing documents, transferring funds, and receiving the keys to your new townhouse. Their support and expertise will ensure a smooth and seamless closing experience.

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