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Guiding our Clients to Success in NYC Real Estate

  • Results:  We work tirelessly in pursuit of your successful transaction
  • Value: Priority #1 is to maximize your financial outcome
  • Experience:  Over 40 years combined experience as NYC brokers
  • Expertise:  Extensive market knowledge backed by reliable data
  • Guidance:  We partner with you to achieve your goals

Buying or selling real estate is likely the largest single financial transaction of your life. Who can you trust with this responsibility?

Real estate agents are plentiful, but most are inexperienced, or lack the capability to properly manage your transaction.

We remove that worry and anxiety by providing you with a level of service and commitment that can only result from experience, expertise, and a 20 year track record of success for our clients.

Buying, Selling, or Investing - We Have You Covered

Luxury Limestone Townhouse

No two single-family townhouses are exactly the same, and valuing a property is an amalgam of art and science. 

Multifamily properties range from two family to ten unit buildings and above.  We know what factors are most important in valuation

Mixed-use properties, often located along avenues, combine a commercial space with living space above.

Condominiums are “real property” in the sense that just like a free-standing house, there is a deed, and the owner is responsible for property taxes

“Common Charges” are the monthly fees paid to the condominium board to cover expenses such as building staff, building maintenance, and as a reserve for capital improvements such as elevators, boilers and the roof.

As a condo owner you enjoy the freedom to sublet your unit without encumbrance, and you have more flexibility when selling your property as well.

When you purchase a co-op apartment, you are actually buying shares of stock in the building (corporation), and in tern receive the right to live in your apartment.

As an owner of a co-op apartment, you pay a monthly “maintenance” to the co-op board to cover expenses such as building staff, building maintenance, contribution to a capital expense reserve fund, building debt service, and real estate taxes.

Co-ops are typically less expensive to purchase than an equivalent condo unit, and a portion of your monthly maintenance is tax deductible as well.

Dina and Michael Sussilleaux. The Sussilleaux Team

About Us

With over 40 years of combined real estate experience, Michael and Dina Sussilleaux bring experience, expertise, and professional guidance to your real estate experience.

"Dina and Michael have worked with sellers, buyers, investors, landlords and tenants for over 20 years. They bring unmatched experience, expertise, guidance, and compassion to their clients."

Long Term Commitment Beyond the Transaction:

Buying or selling a property is most likely one of the largest financial transactions in most people’s lives.  Beyond the purchase price and financial considerations,  it can be a very stressful time, often accompanied by the considerations of loved ones and feelings of uncertainty and doubt. 

Dina and Michael understand these dynamics, and work with you in a holistic manner to achieve your personal real estate goals. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

"From the first conversation, your seasoned insights and extensive market knowledge informed every step of the process – from key decisions around strategic pricing and timing, to softer staging recommendations for open houses to ensure success. And then, of course, your input was invaluable to us during the days of negotiation, as we sifted through numerous qualified offers, all over the asking price, and ultimately chose among those offers to find a strong, qualified buyer."
John C.
Seller and Buyer
"Both of you were very knowledgeable, helpful and highly professional in connection with both of our transactions. You assisted in identifying a property to purchase that fit our needs and in locating a purchaser who paid "top dollar" for the unit that we sold. These tasks were all achieved within our desired timeframe. You were helpful when we needed help and were low key and non-interfering when we needed to sort out the issues for ourselves. We highly recommend your services to anyone interested in buying or selling property in New York City."
Lewis G.
Seller and Buyer
"When the almost flawless apartment came along, Dina worked hard to make sure it was mine! She walked me through the necessary procedures to procure my home. She calmed my nerves when I was panicking about the whole, new, scary situation. Dina is not just a real estate broker, but quickly became a friend. She gets to know her clients, so she can provide the best possible service. I was lucky to work with Dina, so my first New York City apartment search could be remembered with pleasure and smiles."
Dale L.
First Time Buyer
We are very proud to be serving our Manhattan and Brooklyn clients for over 20 years!