Manhattan Neighborhoods with the Best Townhouses

Manhattan Neighborhoods with the Best Townhouses - The Sussilleaux Team


Choosing the right neighborhood is essential when looking for the perfect Manhattan townhouse. With each area offering its own unique character, architectural styles, and amenities, it’s crucial to select a neighborhood that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. In this article, we’ll explore the top neighborhoods with the best Manhattan townhouses and what makes each one special.

Upper East Side

Architectural diversity and historic charm

The Upper East Side is known for its mix of Federal, Greek Revival, and Beaux-Arts townhouses. These well-preserved historic properties showcase the elegance and grandeur of New York’s past, making this neighborhood a desirable destination for townhouse living.

Affluent and prestigious area

As one of Manhattan’s most affluent neighborhoods, the Upper East Side offers high-end shopping and dining options along Madison and Park Avenues. Its proximity to Museum Mile and cultural institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim adds to the area’s appeal.

Notable townhouse residences and streets

The Upper East Side is home to numerous famous former residents and architectural landmarks. Tree-lined streets like East 70th Street and East 80th Street boast impressive townhouses once inhabited by notable figures, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Andy Warhol.

Upper West Side

Quintessential brownstone living

The Upper West Side is synonymous with classic brownstones and elegant townhouses. Picturesque, tree-lined streets like West 69th Street and West 87th Street provide the perfect backdrop for these charming properties.

Proximity to Central Park and Riverside Park

Nestled between Central Park and Riverside Park, the Upper West Side offers easy access to outdoor recreation and green spaces. This family-friendly atmosphere is a major draw for those seeking a serene escape from the bustling city.

Cultural attractions and community vibe

The Upper West Side is rich in historic sites, theaters, and music venues like Lincoln Center and the Beacon Theatre. Diverse dining and shopping options along Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues contribute to the neighborhood’s vibrant community atmosphere.

Greenwich Village and West Village

Bohemian charm and artistic heritage

Greenwich Village and the West Village have long been associated with artists, writers, and musicians. This bohemian charm is evident in the unique architectural styles and historic townhouses that dot the area’s intimate streets.

Intimate, village-like atmosphere

Narrow, winding streets and hidden gardens in Greenwich Village and the West Village create a village-like atmosphere that’s both enchanting and inviting. An eclectic mix of shops, cafes, and galleries further adds to the neighborhoods’ appeal.

Iconic townhouse residences and streets

Famous former and current residents have called the Village home, with iconic properties like the Cherry Lane Theatre and the Washington Square Park townhouses serving as landmarks. Distinctive architecture can be found on streets like West 10th Street and Bedford Street.


Blend of historic and modern townhouses

Chelsea offers a blend of Greek Revival, Italianate, and contemporary townhouses. Renovated and converted properties showcase the neighborhood’s commitment to preserving its architectural heritage while embracing modern living.

Vibrant art scene and nightlife

Chelsea is renowned for its world-class art galleries and cultural events, making it a hot spot for art enthusiasts. Trendy restaurants, bars, and clubs contribute to the area’s lively nightlife scene.

Proximity to the High Line and Hudson River Park

The High Line and Hudson River Park provide unique urban park experiences, with waterfront amenities and green spaces just steps away from Chelsea’s townhouses. These outdoor attractions make Chelsea an ideal neighborhood for those seeking a balance between city living and access to nature.


Architectural gems and diverse styles

Harlem’s townhouses showcase a variety of styles, including brownstones, limestone townhouses, and rowhouses. The revitalization of historic properties in recent years has breathed new life into the neighborhood’s architectural gems.

Rich cultural history and thriving arts scene

Harlem is steeped in African-American heritage, with landmarks like the Apollo Theater and the Studio Museum in Harlem reflecting the area’s rich cultural history. Music venues, theaters, and museums create a thriving arts scene that draws residents and visitors alike.

Expanding dining and entertainment options

An influx of new restaurants, bars, and cafes has transformed Harlem into a dining destination. Community events and street fairs further contribute to the neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere and growing appeal.


The top neighborhoods for Manhattan townhouses each offer unique features and benefits, from architectural diversity and historic charm to vibrant art scenes and access to green spaces. By exploring these areas, you’re sure to find the perfect townhouse in the right neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What factors should I consider when choosing a neighborhood for a Manhattan townhouse?

Consider factors such as architectural styles, access to green spaces, cultural attractions, shopping and dining options, and the overall atmosphere of the neighborhood to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

How do I find available townhouses for sale in these top neighborhoods?

Work with an experienced real estate broker specializing in townhouses.  Dina and Michael Sussilleaux are happy to discuss your situation and help you find the perfect home. 

Are there significant differences in the cost of townhouses across these neighborhoods?

Yes, townhouse prices can vary significantly based on factors such as location, architectural style, square footage, and the property’s condition. It’s essential to research current market trends and consult with a real estate agent to understand pricing differences across neighborhoods.

What is the process for renovating a historic townhouse in Manhattan?

Renovating a historic townhouse may require approvals from local preservation agencies and adherence to specific guidelines. Working with an architect and designer experienced in historic renovations can help navigate the process and ensure a successful outcome.

Can I rent a townhouse in one of these neighborhoods before committing to a purchase?

Yes, renting a townhouse can be an excellent way to experience the neighborhood and lifestyle before purchasing. Check online rental listings or consult with a real estate agent specializing in townhouse rentals to find available properties.

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